Founded by Latchman Narine and incorporated in 1992 in Ontario, Canada, Kiskadee Ventures Limited is a leading importer and distributor of fresh tropical fruits and vegetables.

Kiskadee was originally established to fulfil the demands of the Caribbean people to have their native fresh fruits and vegetables from ‘back home’.  Kiskadee initially started as a small family operated business importing and distributing fresh fruits and vegetables from Guyana.  Recognizing the demand and needs of this niche ethnic market, Kiskadee gradually expanded their imports and began importing from many other Caribbean islands, South America, and Central America.

Today Kiskadee’s focus has widened to satisfy other ethnicities from around the world as many of these products imported from the Caribbean & South America are also traditional foods found in different countries.  With growing interest for tropical and ethnic fresh fruits and vegetables in mainstream markets, Kiskadee has been able to develop and satisfy their needs.

With the immense knowledge and marketing of these products, Kiskadee was able to develop rapid growth in the ethnic industry.  This has led to the expansion of Kiskadee’s customer base from small ethnic supermarkets, to include larger independently owned supermarkets, chain stores, restaurants and food manufacturers.

With a solid infrastructure, supplier network, distribution network, and food safety management system, Kiskadee is able to successfully fulfill customer demands.  Kiskadee’s products can be found in many supermarkets both loose and pre-packaged under our brand freshKIS.